Upcoming Event

Sandwich Making for Common Cathedral

DATESunday October 9, 2016
TIME9:30 am - 10:30 am
LOCATIONLutheran Church of the Redeemer
Sandwich Making for Common Cathedral

Come to worship and make sandwiches? What!? Well, another word for worship, liturgy, comes from two Greek words meaning people and work. On this Sunday morning, we’re going to do some people-work as we gather for worship and make sandwiches for our youth to carry to the hungry and homeless of Boston who meet for outside worship at Common Cathedral. So, come worship at Redeemer and make sandwiches!

Last year, on a cold day in February, Redeemer Affirmation Youth loaded up boxes of ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and chicken salad sandwiches. There were over 200 sandwiches Redeemer made that morning. Many of the homeless of Boston would be arriving for worship at Common Cathedral, an outdoor church that gathers throughout the year on the Boston Commons, no matter the weather conditions.

But it didn’t start that morning for Redeemer. One of the Affirmation Mom’s had posted on her facebook page that Redeemer Affirmation Youth were making sandwiches for Common Cathedral. Well, soon her neighbors were bringing cases of juice boxes and snack bars (the really good kind) and bottled water to her house! And others at Redeemer started gathering supplies.

When Redeemer Affirmation Youth arrived at Common Cathedral that day, they brought so much food that the folks at Common Cathedral had plenty to hand out during the week, too.