Who We Are Today
Living out the unconditional love of God, in Christ, we the people of Redeemer welcome you. We honor you, and all that makes you who you are: your sexual orientation, your gender identity, your race, your ethnicity, your age, your physical or mental challenges, your financial resources, your family circumstances.

We are an eclectic congregation, made up of individuals and families from many walks of life. Some of us have lived in Woburn all our lives, others of us moved to the Boston area for school and never left, and still others of us have come from places around the world to work and live in Northeastern Massachusetts.

Our faith community, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, is a congregation of a group of Christians called, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

You can go to www.elca.org. There you will find links to Lutheran Teaching and the History of Lutheranism. We’ve printed a little from that website for you here:

We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. For us, as the ELCA, this faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world.


We are a church that is always being made new, and at the same time, is deeply rooted in Scripture, Lutheran theology and Lutheran confessions. We are also rooted in the vibrant, diverse communities and rich histories of our congregations. It’s through these roots that the Holy Spirit guides and nourishes us so that we can be a church that is both resilient and always new.

We welcome you to join this community of faith — the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — regardless of your age, race, gender, life experience, complexities and questions. You have a unique story that can only add to the richness of the larger story that makes up the ELCA. There is a place for you here!

Our History

Our congregation was officially organized on July 25, 1893 by Swedish immigrants who settled in Woburn, Massachusetts and felt the need to hear the Word of God as they had heard it in the land of their birth.

The group met in Fraternity Hall in Woburn and was called to order by a seminary student, N. E. Kron. On September 5, 1893, papers of incorporation of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church were filed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 1897, the first church was built on Montvale Avenue in Woburn. The Swedish language was used in Worship Services and in Sunday School until 1930.

The congregation grew quickly following World War II. The congregation put an addition on to the church and built a parsonage, also on Montvale Avenue.

It was not enough. By 1956, it was evident that a new church building would eventually be needed. In September of 1959 the congregation voted to relocate.

The ten acre site on which the current church building and parsonage now stand at the corner of Forest Park Road and Alfred Street was part of a large parcel of land willed to the city of Woburn for the benefit of the town. Since this rocky knoll offered little hope as a useful recreation area, the City felt the land would be better used as a site for the Church. It generously made a gift of the land to Redeemer in May of 1960.

A change of location was accompanied by a change in name. On October 22, 1962 the congregation changed its name to the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, which reflected the way its mission and vision had expanded beyond the Swedish community that birthed the church.

Work on the current Alfred Street parsonage was begun in 1962, and was completed and dedicated in 1963. Ground was broken on the new church building in 1968 and the church was dedicated on April 19, 1970, fourteen years after the project was begun.

Our present church building has allowed us to continue to grow in new ways over the last forty years. In the mid-1990s, Redeemer established Little Hands Big Hearts Preschool and, along with the United Methodist Church in Woburn, the After School Club. Our building is also home to a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, and the Immanuel Unity Church, a Korean congregation.

From its founding over 110 years ago by a devout group of Scandinavians, the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer has grown to include members from a broad range of communities, occupations, cultural backgrounds, and Christian traditions.

Are you new to the Redeemer community?

We’re glad you’re here! You may have a lot of questions. Peruse this website. Come to worship on a Sunday.

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