Member in Action

Susan Palmer is a Redeemer person in action doing God’s work in the world as a Physician Assistant.

Pastor Cindy: “Susan, Would you answer a few questions about your work? What is your title and what do you do? Who are the people you meet daily? How do you see yourself living out your Christian vocation in the work you do?” Susan:  I am a Physician Assistant.  I evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for patients with urologic disorders.  This includes patients with kidney stones, urologic cancer or voiding dysfunction.  Daily in my workplace I am blessed to work with schedulers, administrative assistants, managers, nurses, MAs, NPs, PAs and physicians.  Together we work as a team to provide excellent health care.  We are taking care of patients and helping them to age successfully with the best quality of life we can promote.  Often patient’s loved ones accompany them and part of our job, when appropriate, is to keep them informed and engaged in treatment planning.  I pray often that my hands can be healing hands, that my brain allows me to assess accurately, and that I am able to truly hear and understand the concerns that patients bring me.  I have felt and continue to feel called to heal.  Sometimes I say a prayer for the right words when I have to give bad news.  The best part?  There is really nothing like hearing a patient say “you saved my life”.  That just happened yesterday.  It is amazing, hard work and I love it!